Vanessa Hudgens: Tipped by Zac Efron at Hollywood Bowl (Pictures)


Vanessa Hudgens Rent at Hollywood Bowl

Vanessa Hudgens had a memorable last performance in ‘Rent‘ at The Hollywood Bowl on Sunday, August 8, as she got a tip of $20 from her longtime sweetheart Zac Efron.

As Popeater reported, “In the middle of the stage production, Efron got so into Hudgen’s sexy striptease, he got up from his seat to “tip” her $20 during her ‘Out Tonight‘ number. Hudgens, starring as HIV-infected dancer Mimi, grabbed the cash and quickly stuffed it in her to bra.”

Well in these days of uncertainty in Hollywood, when relationships don’t last that long, this young couple is setting a nice example for others to follow. See Vanessa Hudgens ‘Rent’ Hollywood Bowl Pictures below.

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