Kate Gosselin: No Entry To Dancing With The Stars Reunion


Kate Gosselin Dancing With The Stars

Kate Gosselin is left off the invites list of the ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ reunion dinner as she didn’t receive any invitation. The reunion dinner will happen in Los Angeles in the three weeks and Kate won’t be there at the party.

The reason given for not inviting, “Her invite must have gotten lost in the mail” as per the insider who told Rob Shuter of Popeater. The insider further tells him,”Of course she was not invited! We all became close during and after the show except Kate who hasn’t returned anyone’s calls or emails. You know it’s bad when even creepy bachelor, Jake Pavelka, gets invited but she doesn’t.”

He further says,”Kate has not spoken with anyone on the show since the day she left. Even her dance partner, Tony, who spent hours and hours alone with her hasn’t heard a word from her.” Well if this is true then it’s too bad from Kate’s side and if she is not invited then they have done the right thing.

Also I don’t think this type of behavior will help her in long term, especially in a industry where your fortune can change in one night. As of now Kate will be camping with her eight children and Sarah Palin in the jungles of Alaska.  God save Sarah Palin ! ! ! !

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